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Empi Rear Snubber All Beetle Replacement Boot for 16-2185/86
Rear Snubber All Beetle
Our Price: $9.99
Replacement Boot for 16-2185/86
Our Price: $7.99
These superior quality snubbers replace the stock rubber snubbers..
Replacement boot for p/n: 16-2185/86, each.
Speedometer Cable 1225mm Empi Electronic Speedometer Cable Conversion Kit
Speedometer Cable 1225mm
Our Price: $8.19
Electronic Speedometer Cable Conversion Kit
Our Price: $111.99
Speedometer Cable, 1225mm, 1958-74 Standard Beetle.
Electric speedometer to cable conversion kit.
Heavy Duty Rack & Pinion, Heim Joints
Heavy Duty Rack & Pinion, Heim Joints
Our Price: $164.99
Generator and Alternator Stand Gasket, Between Stand and Case
Our Price: $0.29
Aluminum with strong steel rack and pinion.
40hp-1600cc Engines

BTR Racing WheelsEibach SpringsBeard SeatsEMPIVision Off Road Lighting

If you live and breathe off-road racing, then you’ve come to the right place. At Butch’s Speed Shop, we not only deliver the best prices on all your essential off road parts, including engines, drivetrains, accessories, tires and everything in between, we are also huge off road enthusiasts ourselves. We’ve been in the business since 1968 and have built up a reputation as the premier offroad parts and racing store in Southern Nevada. Quite simply, we love everything about the industry and know our stuff; as a result, you’re not only guaranteed great prices, but also excellent support and a second to none selection.

Whether you simply need to tune up your dune buggy after a rough few days of offroading, spruce it up with the latest accessories, change the off road tires, or completely build one from scratch at Butch’s Speed Shop, we have you covered. It doesn’t matter what you are converting into an off-road vehicle, with our stock and supplies you can transform anything from the lovable VW bug, to an old AWD Subaru, or even a Lexus, into a dune cruising powerhouse. Regardless of what your dream off road vehicle is, at Butch’s we making building and maintaining it possible. To the point, we carry all major off road equipment manufacturers, such as EMPI, BTR, VisionX, and Eibach Springs, as well as most of the rarer brands too for everything from steering wheels to suspensions.

For desert dune veterans, as well as offroading newcomers, we offer something for everyone. So if you’ve always been meaning to do something with that old car that’s just been gathering dust, but thought all the off road parts involved in converting it were too expensive, then take a look at our excellent off road accessory prices and you’ll reconsider. Our friendly and second to none support is also here to happily answer all of your off road and dune buggy product related questions. Thanks for visiting!

Universal Baja Bug Skid Plate

Our Price: $90.99
Fits with stock heater boxes.

6' LED Lighted Whip, Yellow
Our Price: $90.00
D-Ring Kit (For All SFI Devices)
Our Price: $28.99
Nightblaster Camp Locator
Our Price: $57.00
Hybrid PRO Rage Series Neck Restraint Systems
Our Price: $595.00
Our Price: $15.00

Super ShifterChrome
Our Price: $133.99
Billet Front Beam Towered Adjustable
Our Price: $318.99
Dezert People Money Shots
Our Price: $23.99
Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit
Our Price: $19.99
Large Tall Master Cylinder
Our Price: $97.99

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